The Relationship Accelerator

We help Community Banks have deeper conversations with their customers.

Our Relationship Accelerator applies banking lifecycle insights and predictive analytics to your data, targeting the right communications and offers to each customer. Through proprietary data modeling and customer engagement methodologies, we provide insights to anticipate customers’ needs in a real-time fashion and we take required action to energize customer relationships, increase loyalty, and grow share of wallet.

The Relationship Accelerator

  • True customer focus: build relationships, organize marketing around customer lifecycle
  • Understand your relationship with your customers
  • Give front-line people tools to have deeper and more meaningful conversations
  • Actively engage customers on timely opportunities
  • Understand the progress of your business
  • Drive performance: Loyalty, Profitability, Share of Wallet, Return on Marketing Investment


To date, these types of big data analytics were out of reach for smaller institutions due to budgetary constraints. RACE data overcomes this issue by offering affordable service by pooling together the data from multiple banks and standardizing the process, thus creating economies of scale. While each individual’s information is kept anonymous, we are able to find patterns in banking behavior that allows us to predict the customer’s next action with reasonable accuracy.