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What Sets Race Apart?

Too often, companies invest in technology but have difficulty exploiting and leveraging the potential marketing value of their customer data.

For over 20 years, our team has developed significant expertise in data management and behavioural analysis using Marketing Intelligence in a wide range of industries (BtoB and BtoC). Working in collaboration with the largest companies in Canada, we have learned to design, implement, and also leverage value from the best customer life cycle solutions to gain a competitive advantage in customer relationship management.

Our solutions are based on three key pillars:
• the unique expertise of our team, working collaboratively with your marketing department,
• the work processes we implement to deliver the mandate
• the technological tools we offer to effectively execute the project and efficiently achieve your goals.

Our Company


Race Data is a team of highly qualified marketing intelligence professionals with decades of expertise in database marketing and management, IT, marketing analytics, and strategic planning. We are exceptional problem solvers who quickly execute smart solutions to the challenges any client may face.

The Race team has extensive experience in servicing high-volume enterprise clients who need to communicate with their audience in a timely and highly personalized fashion. We have designed and operated many CRM systems to manage lead generation, customer acquisition, growth, retention, and customized communication.

The Race Data difference: our expertise, technology, and processes seamlessly working together to deliver results.

Our Company


With over 20 years of experience, the Race Data team members have significant expertise in managing marketing databases and CRM systems. It is In working with large companies in Canada, we have developed powerful solutions to gain a competitive advantage in managing customer relationships. Today, we have the knowledge and the capability to operate all CRM systems, applying our process and protocols to deliver any customer needs.

Race Data serves companies with average to very high data volumes who are looking to better understand their customers and communicate in a timely and highly personalized way. Our expertise in the management of automated communications using behavioural triggers and multi-channel content management allows us to offer complete, turn-key solutions for effective CRM programs.

Our Company


Race Data has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Apteco, the leader in specialized marketing data analysis solutions. Integrating FastStatsTM into the Race marketing intelligence system results in a highly innovative, powerful data analysis and reporting capacity. FastStatsTM offers functionality and performance in an architecture that is easy for IT to adopt and support. Race Data customers can analyze and visualize their data quickly and easily, without technical complexity:

• Select target groups for marketing campaigns;
• Measure and report on the results; and
• Build a more sophisticated understanding of their customers’ behaviour.

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